XMO Campaign

Traditional print campaigns or marketing materials that solicit a direct response are considered successful if 3% of recipients respond. The fact is, the world is migrating from inches to pixels and today’s consumers are online. This is why we integrate interactive and multimedia with the traditonal mediums. What’s more, today’s customers want to do business with companies that know who they are and communicate with them personally.

That’s why beckmanXMO focuses on XMO, or Cross Media Optimization campaigns. XMO campaigns combine the best of 1:1 marketing strategy with the advantages of interactive media to:
• Connect with more customers
• Deliver more information that is more relevant to each customer
• Capture data about customers to further enhance 1:1 marketing
• Dramatically improve the response to your marketing efforts
• Increase your ROI—and give you the data to prove it

Through XMO, a marketing campaign’s sum becomes greater than each of its individual parts by integrating media channels (print advertising, broadcast, direct mail, public relations/word of mouth) via a powerful interactive core.

Here’s how it can work:
• A print or broadcast campaign drives your target audience to a microsite (interactive core)
• Visitors grant permission to be marketed to and provide individual preferences of what and how to receive those messages
• Via the microsite, you can collect valuable data about your customers that can be used to personalize follow-up 1:1 communications
• The microsite also allows you to find out which media channels each customer is most likely to respond to, and you can use that information to send follow-up pieces according to each customers’ preferences
• The target audience receives personalized messages that encourage word of mouth communications—your customers forward your marketing messages to friends and your message reaches more people, more quickly
• The whole revolution starts again when more customers come to your site
• Throughout the campaign, data is collected and analyzed to help illustrate your ROI and evaluate the effectives of your choice of creative and media channels

At beckmanXMO, we use our campaign process to plan and execute customized, fully integrated XMO campaigns from start to finish. These campaigns optimize the results of your marketing efforts and allow you to solve specific challenges or meet specific needs such as:
Generating leads
Cross promoting your products or services
Developing customer loyalty

Depending on your objectives, beckmanXMO can create a campaign to achieve other marketing initiatives. Contact us to find out how.