Direct Mail

Just because you occasionally—or even frequently—mail things to customers or other stakeholders, we don’t think it’s your job to know all the ins and outs of postal classifications, rates, or handling and processing requirements. You just need to know us.

Decades of experience working with ever-changing postal regulations have made beckmanXMO the experts in postal compliance. We use that expertise to save you money on your direct mail projects. We will recommend the right mailing strategy (bulk vs. first class) and the best piece size to help you secure the best possible postage rates and discounts. And we can provide you with a mailing permit number if you don’t have your own.

beckmanXMO also provides the right technology, staff, and services to save you man hours, provide faster turnaround times, and ensure the highest quality printing on addresses and barcodes. Our services include:
List management servicesLearn more.
Sorting services
• For all types of mail
• Ensures the maximum postage discounts and fastest delivery times
Mail inserting
• High-speed mail inserting technology and/or manpower
• Hand matching of mail components to ensure the right recipient receives the right pieces
• Collating, folding, and inserting multi-page letters
• Handling virtually any insert stock with our multi-station inserter
Barcoding and address printing
• The industry’s highest resolution for production data printing
• Printed barcodes, TrueType fonts, or graphics with resolutions as high as 600 dpi
• Print speeds of up to 40,000 pieces per hour
• Mail drop at any post office

We can also help design and print your direct mail pieces. Learn more.