Web Sites

In this day and age, we think it’s easy to find a firm or company that offers ‘web design’. But beyond the obvious elements of good design, when it comes to a medium as multifaceted at the internet, you need a company that understands factors like interface experience, information architecture, and technical scope.

As with all projects, beckmanXMO follows a process of web development that marries our traditional print communications experience with more than a decade of expertise in interactive design. The process includes:

• Evaluating your existing web presence, branding and marketing initiatives, and technical environment and determining your project requirements and marketing goals and objectives.

• Designing site elements that ensure the site serves as a steward of your brand while creating innovative and meaningful user experiences and facilitating communication between your company and your site visitors. We use the latest technology, such as Ajaz and Flash, to maximize the user experience.

• Taking the design to the next step by optimizing graphics for the web and creating databases and unique templates.

• Ultimately creating a beta site for your evaluation and feedback.

As a result of this process, we define and deliver on a digital strategy that ensures your site is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also on brand andadept at achieving your marketing objectives.

See examples of our work.