At beckmanXMO, our heritage is print. But today, we live in a digital world. While print continues to be a vital component of a marketing campaign, we think companies that wish to have their messages heard must go where their customers are. And that’s online.

beckmanXMO offers full-service web-based applications, site and microsite development, and kiosk and multimedia presentations. We offer the expertise, the skills, and the technology needed to create profound user experiences that reflect your brand and further your marketing objectives.

Our specialty is the XMO—or Cross Media Optimization—campaign, which integrates the power of interactive media with traditional channels such as print, broadcast, and PR to reach customers with a consistent message at every touch point and optimize the effectiveness of your communications. Learn more.

However, whether you need a full-blown campaign or just a website update, beckmanXMO has the expertise to help you create more than a digital marketing tool. We can assist you in capturing the analytic data that only digital media channels can provide, such as:

• An understanding of click-streams, which offer valuable insight into the psyche of your customers
• An understanding of a site’s exit points, which can help you evaluate the strength or weakness of an offer or creative
• The opportunity to collect information about your customers, which can be used to create more personalized communications

Our interactive services deliver your brands and messages to your customers while we bring important data about your customers to you.