Variable Data Printing

At beckmanXMO, we are big advocates of 1:1 marketing, or personalized communication with each individual customer. That’s why we’ve invested in Variable Data Printing—or VDP—software and equipment.

VDP allows us to dynamically pull text and images from a database so that you can cost-effectively print highly customized pieces. We offer three types of VDP:

Although the marketing message is static, the customer’s name and address can be personalized throughout the piece to give the appearance of a unique message.

Versioned VDP segments the target audience into predefined groups. Images are then dynamically loaded into each relevant group.

Fully Customized
Fully customized VDP is the most relevant to a target audience. By combining both Personalized and Versioned content, all of the elements of the printed piece are dynamically generated on the fly to create marketing communications that provide each customer with highly relevant advertising messages.
For example, if your existing customer database indicates that a particular customer likes red widgets, his marketing piece can be printed with a red widget along with his name and address. Customers who are interested in blue widgets get the same piece, only printed with their own names and blue widgets.

VDP makes 1:1 marketing affordable! Learn more about 1:1 marketing campaigns.